Tuesday, 9 April 2013


maybe pple aint just saying the truth, LADIES PLEASE if you put that short thing that exposes parts meant to be private, the few horny D**ks that you attract does not mean you are sexy or hot or mayb think they love you HELL NO they LUST YOU, so when they sleep with you and dump you stop saying that "i hate men, all men are the same, men are dogs," idiots keep your private parts private and avoid such phrases, or rather stay warm and attract real men.....*justsaying*

Monday, 8 April 2013

mini skirts in Uganda

The government of Uganda has moved a motion in parliament to stop the rampant use of mini-skirts, i mean skirts above the knee, it goes a head to stop televisions from airing program mes with this kind of attire, to me this is the greatest move in east Africa, how i hope that all other government adopt the same and stop this uncouth, UN-called for,sluttish behavior, where our kids are exposed to unwanted dangers due to this revealing behavior, your body is a temple of God that requires your full respect to protect it from masturbation, sexual arousement, povertism,lust.....and many more..WOMEN, WOMEN, WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! listen this is a voice from God that you should stop robbing his world its innocenvcy

Sunday, 6 January 2013

From my own observation i have noticed that women with the following carriers are more likely to marred easily: teachers, nurses, and caterers, is it because they like taking care of people ..?? i cant tell, but ladies in the media, artists, musicians, actress are always kept as side_kicks, or if all goes to worse marred as the second wife,those developed businesswomen, engineers, doctors and established lawyers are always cougar, keeping young guys for sexual satisfaction....justmyobservation.