Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What 21st century woman is all about.

21st century woman

  I am often perturbed when men act all shocked and heartbroken when it “supposedly” dawns on them that the 21-century women are only after their money. By now men must have learnt that women get attracted to established and moneyed men. In fact, such men are always spoilt for choice because women are always nagging them for relationships and marriage. It is not all about women being greedy or selfish like men like to believe, that is just how it is. In fact, there is even a scientific explanation. Women will always go for the man who representation of power and stability. It is a survival tactic imbedded in the female DNA that enables her to pick out the best provider for future children. Gentlemen, differently put, it’s the law of the Jungle, nothing personal. You do not hear us women complaining when in all our glory we are quickly summarised and chosen based on superficial qualities that range from our skin tone, to the size of our posteriors. And yes it is a cruel world but we have accepted that is how men see things, so much so that we have even come up with an excuse for this particular flaw in men, that they are visual beings. So we ask men to extend the same courtesy to us and stop acting like there is something wrong when we opt for financially stable men. We have nothing personal against broke or men or those who will only be a somebody someday. Expecting a woman to love you and remain optimistic that one day you will make more money is as good as expecting it to rain popcorns. Forget it, it won’t happen. Some expectations are just not realistic! Over the years, while women have learnt to adapt to the ever changing modern man, men have seen no need to adopt. Women have learned to accept men with everything from their pink vitenge trousers, to their weekly visits to the manicurist but men have stuck to their old expectations from women. Women have even lowered some of their expectations all in the name of love, men on the other hand seem to be caught up in some warped up view of how women should behave. Men have completely refused to accept the
21 century woman in all her glory.

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