Friday, 21 February 2014


Stories are told of people being drugged in drinking joints and then robbed... How does this exactly take place? Has it ever happened to you? What drugs are used? Where do they obtain the drugs?

HOW IT HAPPENS; They lurk in pubs, restaurants and wine/spirits joints waiting for their "customers". They make a living from drugging unsuspecting KUDUNGA". It involves putting a sedating drug or a stupefying agent into the drink, mostly alcohol of an unsuspecting victim... It's common in pubs in Nairobi's downtown CBD... SABINA JOY, WALLET, APPLE BEES. They prefer canned beers/juices as it's difficult to notice. They are also common in THIKA, GITHURAI 45, PARTS OF MOMBASA, RUIRU, NGARA, JUJA, KAHAWA WEST and ZIMMERMAN. They collude with unscrupulous medical personnel to obtain restricted medication for use in this vice. The culprits are mostly young ladies in their early 20's. They lurk in pubs/restaurants identifying their targets and mostly frequent night clubs. And the girls are adept at their art; they've perfected the practice of changing hair/dress styles for maximum disguise. They mostly use a benzodiazepine called Zolpidem(stilnox, stilnoct), popularly known as "MCHELE", apparently derived from the shape of a grain of rice. These drugs belong to the class of drugs called Central Nervous System Depressants. Zolpidem is used to treat insomnia(sleeping problems). It belongs to the group of drugs called central nervous system (CNS) depressants. Once the 'MCHELE' is administered, the Victim's central nervous system slows down, grinds to a near halt; Sense of judgement is impaired and sleep sets in because of the synergy with alcohol. And the next time the victim wakes up he/she finds himself/herself minus all valuables and cash. Many have experienced it but won't say it, fearing to appear stupid. Have you ever fallen victim? Do you know anyone who fell victim to this? Do you know any pub/place/restaurant where it happens? Do you know any bar/restaurant where staff/owner collude to do it? And do you know anyone who assists these criminals get the dangerous drugs? Do you know any pharmacy/clinic that dispenses such medication illegally? Please share via inbox by giving your experience.
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