Thursday, 20 February 2014

To all the real men

I have seen many men who fit the stereotypical "perfect guy". tall,dark,handsome,rich,generous,romantic,funny,from a good family, lives in the leafy suburbs, drives a good car etc. Not to say that this things are bad, they are good, important even.But I have learned that if someone is smart and determined, these things will always come to them, eventually.

But I have also seen another kind of man: one whose trust is completely in God. One who is full of faith, believes nothing is impossible, walks uprightly and does not seek the counsel of the ungodly. The man who sets the trend and commands respect from his peers and even superiors. He treats all people with respect and lives peaceably with all men. A man who pursues the face of God and dedicates himself to knowing His word and walking in His ways. Honorable men, respectable men. Mentors, prayer warriors, missionaries in pursuit of souls and living the higher life. They may not have all the pizzazz that the "perfect man" has but they are the desire of any wise woman.

If you are working on becoming the Proverbs 31 lady, this is the man you want because by virtue of his knowledge of God, He is strong and will do exploits. He will love you as Christ loved the church, He will honor your parents and embrace your siblings(yes, your crazy brother and loud sister) as his own, He will lead your children to the cross and teach them to be humble and to value eternal things. He will give alms to the poor and pile up blessings for your entire generation. He will be honest with you about his struggles and will let you comfort him in his pain. He will empathize with your suffering and endure you constant mood changes. He will honor God in his decisions and will not compromise his integrity to gain material wealth. He will walk you through life no matter what difficulties are thrown at you. He will cover your children and will be the priest in your house. He build your faith and draw you closer to God.

This, in my opinion, is what makes a man perfect: His love for God. For where a man's heart is, there, also, his treasure will be.

This is to all the men who have devoted themselves to God. Your reward is great. May you all find the woman who will speak to the King inside you and make you the great person God made you to be(if you haven't already). Keep at it, thank you because you have been a sure inspiration.
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