Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Secrets you never tell

He looked at me and smiled, after along stare he said, "secrets you never tell,'' and paused again, I am who I am because they made me who I am, i guess this is the man every woman wants, when I see them cry, I always remember the tears she made me roll, the pains i went through, the ulcers i suffered from, the headaches, brother you know how a man in love feels when the girl he loves keeps on playing games and entertaining other men, something they don't understand is that i cry even louder and feel nothing for them, i want to see a million more cry. this is what he had to say as he wipes the tears rolling down his cheeks. I just looked on and wondered what to do next, men also cries.!
I have loved genuinely, broke guys, misers, and i have been hurt, then i asked myself why should i be hurt by someone who doesn't know the price of pads, someone who believes that my place is just in bed, when will i get stories to tell my peers, when they are rolling all over from one big restaurant to the other, from red carpet dinners to dinners, i will rather be hurt by someone who can give me a flight ticket to Mombasa than someone who can't even afford my transport to his place, someone who can get me a pair of some expensive shoes and dresses than someone who believes that every woman is a gold digger even when they don't know the color of cold, she said, looking very serious. times have changed, and as much as men think they are smarter, women are improving their games each and everyday, if you didn't buy her that cute dress you like seeing her in it just know that another man bought it, and it was not for free, she slept with the guy, and that is the bitter truth men should live with, she continued with all sorts of gestures...............

with this and many more, look for "secrets you never tell by Wilfred Namamba, and read some serious Revelations from both men and women and why they choose multiple partners

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