Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Women to avoid on social media

Last week I wrote about ‘Men to Avoid On Social Media’ and the response was overwhelming. Several men said I was being unfair because they felt they were being picked on or rather singled out. In order to balance things out, here is a list of women you need to avoid on social media:
The chatty patty
She updates everything she does on to her Facebook and Twitter and does not have a filter. She posts real time events that occur in her relationship, from the fights to her dinner dates, to how she got ‘some’ last night. This chatty lady will go as far as posting her menstrual cycle because she does not know how to keep it at a minimum.
The attention seeker
She will not hesitate to go above and beyond just to get a little bit of attention. Compliments validate her life so she will post pictures of her thighs, booty and breasts because she is fishing for compliments. This lady will spend her whole day on the internet streets just to get a few compliments but gets offended when you objectify her.
The groupie
Gone are the days where fans yearn to get an autograph from their favourite celebrity. These days, groupies want a followback on Twitter from their favourite celebrity and to hook them on Facebook. She will tweet unnecessary things to her favourite celebrities sometimes as far as saying she wants to bed them. That’s when she tops up her madness with nude pictures of herself sent to his inbox.
The bitter woman
This woman got her heart broken by some man so she always has something spiteful to say about men. All her posts simply sound bitter. It’s as if all men wronged her. Several good men will pass her by. She has this belief that every man is hitting on her. She should understand that a ‘hello’ may mean just that and not, ‘hey, sexy can I have your number?’
The party animal
In my previous article Bottom Bitch Behaviour (August 2-8), I said men are not attracted to women who frequent clubs. Men avoid women who change their profile picture because they attended a party. She simply has her priorities focused on which parties to attend as opposed to anything else.
The ‘holy’/inspirational chick
All she ever posts is inspirational and Bible quotes and talks about being boring and not bringing anything else to the table.
The baby mama with the drama... follow the whole story on the link bellow 
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